Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stratofreighters à trois

To start 2013 off, here is an uncaptioned, undated Air Force 8x10 glossy showing three C-97s in formation over the water (probably the Pacific) somewhere.

The lead aircraft is C-97A 49-2599, on the left wing is C-97C-35 50-0694 (both in California Air Guard markings) and on the right wing is 50-0691, a C-97C-35, which doesn't have any fuselage markings (presumably it was CA Air Guard, too).

According to the records I could find, the only two CA Air Guard units to fly the C-97 were the 115th and 195th Air Transportation Squadrons (Heavy), both a part of the 146th Air Transport Wing based at Pt. Mugu near Ventura, California.

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