Friday, January 4, 2013

Southwest Pilots Having Fun

Long before Soutwest Airlines' blue 737s became a ubiquitous sight at Los Angeles International Airport, LAX had a different name, Mines Field, and there was a company called Southwest Aviation based there.

The airfield was named after the real estate agent, William Mines, who arranged for the city to buy the farmland that became the airport. The land was acquired in 1928, the first hangar built in 1929 and the airfield officially opened in 1930. It kept the name until it became Los Angeles Airport in 1941.

Somewhere during those ten years, then, these two photos were taken. I have not, however, been able to find out any information on Southwest Aviation (for instance, the most complete list of companies based at Mines that I could find is on the Davis-Monthan web page about the field). From the photos, I'd guess that it was at least a flying school...because these two characters posing with a WACO GXE certainly look like an instructor and student!

Any information on the company would be appreciated!

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