Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Departing Neptune

I have very little information about the subject of today's post, Lockheed P2V-5F Neptune 127725. The 8x10 glossy has no information on the back, and Joe Baugher's BUNo listing has no entry for this airframe.

The plane shows up in a couple of 1956 photos taken in Iwakuni, Japan at this VP-6 squadron page; but the nose number doesn't match, nor do the colors, so clearly we're dealing with a different squadron and timeframe.

This Neptune was originally built as a P2V-5, and later modified to the "F" configuration with the addition of the two J34 turbojet engines.

Since the inlet doors on the J34s are open and the gear is in transit, I presume that this is a take-off shot.

If there are any Neptune experts in the house, please share any knowledge you might have on this airframe!


  1. Too bad no one has spoken up - it's a nice picture.

  2. This P2V was attached to VP-6 and later by the Naval Air Reserves / Olathe, KS

  3. This P2V-5F Neptune 127725 was attached to VP-6 and later Naval Air Reserve/ Olathe, Kansas.

  4. Navy Reserve paint job, they used 200-series nose markings. I flew as Radio Operator in VP-19 SP-2Es in 1965. We used J34s for takeoff, also had them at flight idle for landing in case one of the R3350s had problems...