Friday, May 24, 2013

Thunderbolt Inspection

All shiny are ready for inspection is this line of F-47D-30-RA Thunderbolts. The presence of "FC" buzz numbers indicate that this photo was taken after P-47s were redesignated F-47.

Anyone recognize the location? Looks a bit like Korea to me....


  1. Hey, the buzz number for the Thunderbolt was either PE-### (prior to June 1948) or FE-### (after June 1948). The fact that the "buzz number" format is so non-standard (FC## or FCZ#) means that it really could be anytime. Also, notice the lack of red in the bars. That also suggests pre-USAF transition. Finally, that first P-47D in the background was one of 180 P-47s that went to Turkey in April/May of 1948. In fact, the pictures I've seen of them after being repainted in Turkish markings show some aircraft with cowls painted very much like that. This may be a shot of the aircraft being inspected immediately prior to or after delivery to Turkey, which would make it VERY interesting! The background there certainly looks like Turkey.

    By the way, P-47s were never sent to Korea.

    Hope that helps!


  2. Thank you for posting these vintage aircraft photos and stories. I really enjoy them and learn something every time.

  3. These are P-47D's of the 27th FG 523rd FS at Fritzlar Air Base, Germany, during Summer 1946 - the "F" denotes the Base Fritzlar, the "C" the 3rd Squadron of the 27th FG (A= HQ-Flight, B = 522nd FS, C = 523rd FS, D = 524th FS) and "24" denotes the 24th a/c in the Squadron - this code-System was short-lived in the 1946-1947 Occupation period in Germany - it replaced the WW2-unit-codes, and in 1948 was replaced by the mentioned 'buzz-numbers', initially PE-, later FE- für the P/F-47's - HTH, Martin

    1. Thank you very much, Martin! Very good and interesting information! Alan