Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fury Three

Today's photo is an official 8x10 glossy from North American Aviation showing one of their FJ-3 Furies. The aircraft pictured isn't the first of the type, rather it comes in the middle of a production block. Although the BuNo is partially obscured in this photo, it appears that this is the same aircraft, on the same photo mission, as shown in this November, 1956 issue of Naval Aviation News (you'll have to scroll down to page 18), which would make it BuNo 136135.

The lack of tail markings suggests either a pre-delivery photo, or else this aircraft was used by NAA for flight test operations. The only reference I could find of this particular airframe was in FJ-3 Flight Operations Manual, an obscure reference that there was a change in the markings of the oil pressure indicator starting with this particular aircraft (it appears as a footnote in the above link).

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