Friday, September 7, 2012

Herd of Mustangs

Since last Friday's post showed derelict German aircraft after WWII, it's only fair that I also post one showing a whole bunch of American scrap aluminum after the war. This aerial shot pictures row upon row of parked P-51 Mustangs. While a flyable Mustang today commands well over a million dollars, after the war the AAF could hardly give them away (reportedly they were going for a mere $3,500).

The photo has no markings on the back, but the person I acquired it from said it was with a group of other images that were all marked Otis Air Force Base (which is on Cape Cod in Massachusetts). I'm not convinced that this image really shows Otis (compare the topography, for instance, with this image from Wikimedia Commons), so if anyone recognizes the locale, please let me know.

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