Friday, August 31, 2012

Junked Junkers

In the first of the two photos, an Iron Annie sits forlornly
Ok, so today's photos aren't the highest quality, as photos go. These are two very quick snapshots from the end of WWII, of what's described on the back of one as a "Plane grave yard just outside of Berlchisgarden". Yes, that's how it was spelled. I suspect that the photographer meant Berchtesgaden, but this scene is a lot flatter than most of the photos I've seen of the Berchtesgaden region.

Among other planes, there appears to be at least a couple of Junkers Ju-52 Iron Annies in the pile of wreckage. One has to wonder what happened to the wrecks...did they get salvaged, or did they just get buried? A tantalizing question for those interested in aviation archaeology! If anyone has information on a more accurate location for this site, or recognizes any of the other airframes in the pile, please comment below!

The second of the two, showing a pile of German aircraft wrecks from a distance. The images below are closeups of various parts of this image.

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