Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Skytrains in Train

Serial 316101, ship 20, in the lead, is a C-47A.
The crews of these two C-47 Skytrains, along with whatever chase plane the photographer was in, clearly were having fun on this day, switching out positions for the photog.

The back of the photo on the left is marked "Photographic Section, Sedalia Army Air Field, Warrensburg Missouri" (the back of the second print isn't marked at all). Sedalia was established in November 1942 as a training base for WACO glider pilots, so these two C-47s likely were primarily used as glider tow planes. During the early months of 1945, the base's C-47s were replaced by Curtiss C-46 Commandos, so that plus the tail numbers of these planes place the date the photos were shot somewhere between late 1943 and early 1945.

Ship 26 is either serial 316140 or 316149, the image just isn't clear enough to be
certain, either way, it is a C-47B.
Sedalia is known today as Whiteman AFB, home of the nation's B-2 fleet, named after Lt. George Allison Whiteman, who was shot down during the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor, becoming the first U.S. casualty in aerial combat during World War II.

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