Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Cowboy and the Texan Pilot

One kind of Texan meets another??
When my brother, the proprietor of the VonRad Trading Post (shameless plug: Lincoln California's premier antiques emporium), gave me today's glossy vintage 8x10, I was baffled. So was he. What's a cowboy on a horse doing chatting it up with the pilot of a AT-6 Texan? We both agreed: surely there's a story behind this photo...if only we knew what it was.

The plane is likely an early -A model, given the lack of a spinner and the radio antenna mast.

The photo has all the feel of a staged shot. Could it be North American's play on the "Texan" name? Or a movie still? I'm certainly no expert on old films and even older actors, so I'll leave it to any knowledgeable readers to suggest which one. But be sure to check out the pilot's hair: there's no way that he just climbed out of that cockpit and pulled off his helmet and goggles!
The perfect aviator: no helmet hair!

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