Friday, January 13, 2012

Snapshots from Mt Tom Airport

I know almost nothing about these three images...the first two shown both have hand-written on the back "Mt. Tom Airport, May, 1929". The third was from the same source, but has nothing written on it, so I'm not sure whether it actually was from the same place.

Where was Mt. Tom Airport? Not sure about that, either. There are a number of mountains named that, notably one in eastern California and one in Massachusetts. If you google Mt. Tom Airport, the closest thing that comes up is Oscoda County Airport on Mt. Tom Road in Mio, Michigan.

The first image (above) shows a WACO GXE, serial 1362, but there's little information contained in the old registration data bases. The aircraft type was originally known as a WACO 10, but was redesignated after 1928 as GXE, so this would tend to suggest that the plane in our photo was built after 1928.

I'm not entirely sure what type of aircraft is shown in the second image (left), so if any reader can identify it, please comment below!

Lastly is the plane below, which has a Curtiss-esque look to it. Again, I have no clue what it is, so if you can identify it, let me know.

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